提示词 1

A cowboy riding on horseback is running in the desert, while shooting at enemy soldiers with guns and rocket launchers that have flying fish shaped bodies and bird beaks as heads. The background features old western style buildings, with blue sky and smoke coming from distant explosions. It’s an action scene, rendered in Unreal Engine 5, showcasing dynamic motion blur and closeup shots of characters, captured in the style of Canon cameras. –s 150 –c 10 –v 6.0 –ar 16:9

image 7
image 3

提示词 2

A game scene of an old western town in the desert with dusty streets and wooden buildings. A man on horseback rides towards the camera holding two machine guns, one in each hand, shooting at enemies above him in midair. Explosions occur behind them as smoke billows from windows. The sky is a vibrant blue with a low angle shot. The scene was created using Unreal Engine 5. –s 150 –c 10 –v 6.0 –ar 16:9

image 9
image 8

提示词 3

3 adventurers standing in front of an ancient stone gate, the door is glowing with purple and blue light as it opens to reveal another world filled with golden grasses and orange sky. The screenshot depicts a fantasy game scene in the style of a fantasy artist. –ar 16:9 –s 150 –c 10 –v 6.0

image 11
image 10

提示词 4

screenshot of the game “B coop” featuring an old west character riding on horseback in the desert, explosions and destroyed buildings in the background, created in the style of unreal engine 5 –ar 16:9 –s 150 –c 10 –v 6.0

image 4
image 6